Asset- Based Community Development or ABCD

We empower rural women through our award-winning program, Mothers of Light or Ibu Rumah Terang in Bahasa Indonesia. We train and equip rural Indonesian women to become solar lamp entrepreneurs. We believe that investing in women fundamentally strengthens families and communities. In Chapter W, we help women to realize their true potential and with the hope that they become an ideal role model for their children.

1 in 4 Indonesian have no access to electricity. Without light, children cannot study at night. It is recognised now that access to basic lighting is as vital as access to clean water. The use of harmful kerosene lighting have caused 1 death every 20 seconds due to indoor air pollution. Through this program, the Mothers of Light are the last-mile solution that encourage replacing kerosene lamps into solar lamp as a safe alternative light source.

Our Mothers of Light program improves the overall community by increasing rural access to safe and affordable light source, reduce poverty, improve rural health and lower GHG emissions.‍‍‍


We loved the ingenious concept of promoting sustainable energy and enabling women, especially mothers, to gain financial independence while at same time educating and driving social impact in Indonesia.”

Barathan Pasuphati

CEO, Jetstar

“With Chapter W’s work, each female micro-entrepreneur gains a sustainable livelihood and stabilize the financial situation of her family. She is also an agent of hope as she simultaneously improves the well-being of her customers and enables children in their communities to read and study at night.”

Como Foundation

“Many of us didn’t understand the extent of the problems in rural Indonesia, especially in terms of lighting.We wanted to help the villagers. As a result of the training, we came away with a better understanding of their community and needs in tackling energy poverty within their homes.”

Adhi Kurnianto

TESC Trader, Cargill



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We empower rural women through financial inclusion

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‍‍‍‍‍‍“The saddest thing about poverty is not that people are poor, but that they all have in themselves, the potential to be great”‍‍‍


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