Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD)

The ABCD approach sees poor and marginalized people as possessing the skills, resource and talent required to eventually take charge of the issues or problems facing their community.  This means that the solution to the community problem lies within the community itself. This is the key to sustainable development.

In Chapter W, We identify, empower and  grow the potential of women in the community, so that they in turn, can solve the problem of energy poverty.

By contrast, the typical needs based approach only serves to reinforce inequalities and dependency. This approach essentially sees only problems and end up counting the emptiness and despair. This puts the NGO or external party as the centre of efforts to 'save'  or help' the community, which will always remain disempowered and dependent.

"Every single person has skills, abilities and gifts" -John McKnight

A Business-In-a-Bag: A Gift that Keeps on Giving

In Chapter W, we believe that empowering rural women with the right skills and helping them set up a business is more powerful and long-lasting than providing charitable handouts. Charitable handouts make them continuously dependent on aid and prevents them from realizing their true potential.

Chapter W, formerly known as Nusantara Development Initiatives (NDI), provides each woman that successfully graduates from the Mothers of Light program with a Business-in-a-bag. They are now ready to start their business right away!

A Business-In-a-Bag serves as a business start-up kit for our Mothers of Light. This is crucial as they do not have to borrow money (at high interest rate) to start a business. Thus, the burden of debt can be avoided.

Business-In-a-Bag, worth US$200, equips the women with 5 solar lamps as initial capital, Mothers of Light T-shirt, bag branded with Mothers of Light logo, name cards and training materials.  


Micro-Consignment, not micro-credit

Now that we have equipped our Mothers of Light with their ‘Business-in-a-Bag’, there is the issue of financial inclusion. Normally, a woman has to borrow money before so that they can start a business, or what is called micro-credit.

What Chapter W does is to allow the women to pay us only after sales are made, and not before. This overcomes problems such as getting into debt, which they will find difficult to repay.


How Are We Different?

High Quality Solar Lamps

Chapter W supplies our Mothers of Light with internationally recognized solar lamps that are of high quality, backed by an excellent supply chain and comes with a 2 year warranty.





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